Why You Should Hire a Supercar! + A Guide


Audi R8This is going to be an article talking about why I think hiring supercars is so much better than purchasing them, this obviously depends on your lifestyle but paying £100,000+ on an asset that will depreciate so rapidly simply is not worth the money. This 100k is probably closer to £200k as well if you want the newest models and all the additional specs that these supercar providers offer.

Why Rentals Over Purchasing?

The main reason comes down to money and how much you are going to use the car. Let’s assume you have a nice car at the moment but are considering purchasing a supercar. If you have millions in the bank then this article is not for you. This is for the people that have enough money but it might affect other areas of their life. For you, I recommend hiring a supercar and not buying one outright. Let’s look at the figures.

Buying = £100,000, one time payment. Let’s say you will use the car for longer than “to work” journeys twice a month. And will keep the car for 5 years. That’s 2 x 12 x 5 = 120 long journeys. Which is fine.

Renting (one day) = £500, assuming those trips of 120 journeys are one day or less long them it would be cheaper (120 x £500) = £60,000 MINUS £100,000 = £40k. That’s 40 grand you have saved. If you take weekend breaks then its usually around £700-800 per hire, which means you will be saving around £20k over the 5 years.

But the kicker comes when you think about the money you have saved each month/year. Personally I can make 20% on my money per year. Probably more if I put some effort in. So assuming you can make a 20% profit per year, that means you are essentially wasting £120,000 over the 5 years through lost revenue!! That figure alone makes me think I would rather pay a premium to rent a supercar than buy one (And that is what I have done over the past few months)

Guide to Hiring a Supercar from the Best Companies

Line of SupercarsSimply search in Google maps and you can find the closest supercar rental agencies to you. I didn’t even know that I had about 10 within a couple of hours drive. [you can see from the map below] – These are professional agencies and not just someone looking to make a quick buck for the day. This is a multi million pound industry in the UK with close to 50 registered

I decided to go with the one named supercar hire UK and can say they provided an excellent service and I will be using them in the future too.

Once you have found an agency that is near you and you like the look of its time to get some quotes. I recommend choosing 3 companies that are close to you and getting a quote from each of them. If you are only renting for a day it might be more expensive in proportion than if you are looking to hire for weeks.

Note: Rental agencies will charge you a delivery fee for the car, this means you need to get one near you otherwise you will simply be wasting money when they have to drive the car to you!

The next step is to try and get the best price, I personally would just shop around and take the best quote you get, you can also ask to see pictures of the cars if you really want to but personally I don’t think this is necessary.

Thanks for reading and feel free to have a look around the Passion supercar blog!

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