How to Select a Supercar Rental Agency


Over the past 3 years I’ve been “in the supercar industry.” Working hard to promote the best rental agencies and avoid the rubbish places that don’t bring anything but outdated models and high prices to the market. Instead we look for agencies with beautiful cars at great prices.

McLaren P1

I’ve worked with luxury car hire agencies as well as scrap metal yards, so I have been seriously around the blog when it comes to the auto industry. Today I’m going to talk about what you need to look for if you are considering purchasing or renting a supercar (or even a car for that matter) and the 3 tips that you should always keep in mind.

1.) Who are you purchasing / Renting From?

This is an obvious one, but one that most people forget none the less. You need to know the type of people you are dealing with. There is a number of high quality information in the market and people who have at least 20 years of experience. But at the same time there is also a lot of spam and straight up scams in the supercar industry. You think this wouldn’t be the case as the cars themselves are so expensive. But this is one of the reasons it is so common as the money people who scam you can earn is huge! Instead you should go to regulated agencies, these will give you 5 year credit deals and a number of warranties to go along with that. They might charge you twice as much but at least you have peace of mind! And that is priceless!

location2.) Location is Nothing

Most people when they look for a supercar look in the largest city near them. But this is the wrong way to go about this. Instead you should simply type in the make and model of the supercar you are looking for and get looking. Open 10s if not hundreds of tabs. If you’re happy with second hand then check out Ebay and Gumtree or autotrader. If you are looking for a brand new one then only look at models that are clearly factory new and hence go to agencies directly, but remember these won’t give you the same price either, at the end of the day they want to make as much money as possible and hence will try to squeeze you for everything. This is taken from an auto broker friend of mine in San Diego, he outlined that people will travel hundreds of miles for the right car (or price!)

3.) Warranties

This is the final one and a pretty big one. As you can probably imagine, if your supercar breaks or breaks down there isn’t much you can do but get it fixed at a garage that specialises in supercar repairs. BUT you can also guess how much these people will charge you! This is why when you are purchasing you want to look for not only the best price but also the best warranties and guarantees that go along with that! Below is another good video on how to select supercar rental agencies.

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