Keys to Supercar Creation – Air Compressors and Brakes


Air CompressorAn introduction to The Keys to Supercar Creation Series.

Over the course of the next weeks and months I’ll be writing on what makes a supercar different from the average “good” vehicle. Apart from the obvious exteriors, supercars have a lot of small details that really do make them different to your average well-built vehicles.

Air Compressors

Engine ImageAs seen (right) are small accessories attached near the engine of cars. Used to keep the engine cool and also allow the individual to be safe whilst driving.

With supercar engines being pushed to the absolute limit by the power and fuel injection associated with most supercars nowadays, the ACs need to be top quality. Aston Martin have an entire team based to air compressors! That’s thousands in research and development of something most people have never heard of. As you can see below the engine is obviously highly complex. But one wrong move with a compressor and your efforts could be in-vain.

You can pick up air compressor accessories from: as well as a number of websites online.


supercar brakesBrakes are obviously another integral part of a supercar, they are the aspect between life and death when your travelling at over 150mph.

Companies such as Aston Martin and Ferrari have reportedly been making leaps in “stopping distance” and brake technology. Meaning they can build faster, yet safer cars, which is something everybody can get behind.

If you want to install supercar brakes yourself, they will only set you back approximately £4,000 per brake. So that’s £16,000 for your average car!

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