Why Should You Buy a Ferrari Over other supercars?


Ferrari is probably the most famous car brand in the world. With 20+ models selling hundreds of thousands of models all over the globe. So we asked the team at http://www.ferrarihire.co.uk/ what makes a Ferrari so much more special than the competitors?

Why Ferrari?

Ferrari SpiderIt starts with the brand. If you had the choice, there is a reason why cars of a similar quality and build, without the prancing horse, make 100 times less than a similar Ferrari model. It’s an image more than anything but not one just for showing off, you know your going to get a good piece of kit and the support to add too.

Memory. The second most common thing we hear when people come to the Ferrari Hire UK site is that people remember how cool they were as kids, when your 10 or 15 or even 20, chances are owning or renting a Ferrari is just a dream, you don’t have £50,000 or even £1000 to rent one for a weekend when your a child. But when you get to the position where you can afford one, the child in you comes through and convinces you to purchase it!

PowerPower. If there is one word you associate with these supercars its the power. Although on the stats borad its rare to see a Ferrari with more than 600BHP, it’s conditioned power, acceleration that helps rank them in the greatest supercars of all time lists, continuously year after year. This aspect also goes back to the memory one, when you were a kid you remembered how the car sounds, and associated this with power, everyone in the world wants more power, however much you deny it!

Style. Although Ferrari’s are not the most reliable supercar in the world, people don’t buy or rent supercars for their reliability. If you are going to do that then just pick up a Ford and be on your way…. All be it slowly on your way. People love these cars for their style, Italians have style, I mean even the country is shaped like a leg! I think this actually also gives the brand an edge against some of its competitors, the Italian aspect lets people know its quality and stylish before evening seeing the car in most cases!



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