Why You Should Hire Aston Martins (Over Any Other Supercars)


There are a number of reasons why we believe Aston Martins are a step above other supercars and why you should hire them for events like your wedding or simply a track day. We might be bias (as we are from London, UK and hence BRITISH) but hiring an aston martin is the way to go! And here is why:

  1. They are more reliable than other supercars – Even including the new Audi R8 which is obviously up there as it is made by the Germans! But in recent tests the Aston still comes out on top.
  2. The steady speed – If you know anything about supercars you will know the “top speed” and the speed you can actually reach without losing control are 2 very different things. The Aston Martin DB9, Vantage and Vanquish still have the top “steady speed” metric according to 84% of the experts in the supercar field.
  3. The Price – If you can afford to hire a supercar I’m sure the price isn’t going to be top of your priority, but based on the figures we pulled from this car hire company, as you can see Aston Martins are very affordable to the public and as a result they make great track day cars as well as showing off to the guys.
  4. Weddings – Classic Aston’s such as the: DB6 make perfect wedding cars, forget the horse and cart, with these bad boys you get hundreds upon hundreds of horsepower!


We hope we have convinced you that Aston Martins are the way to go! Let me know if you Ferrari guys have any questions.


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