Why You Should Hire a Supercar! + A Guide


Audi R8This is going to be an article talking about why I think hiring supercars is so much better than purchasing them, this obviously depends on your lifestyle but paying £100,000+ on an asset that will depreciate so rapidly simply is not worth the money. This 100k is probably closer to £200k as well if you want the newest models and all the additional specs that these supercar providers offer.

Why Rentals Over Purchasing?

The main reason comes down to money and how much you are going to use the car. Let’s assume you have a nice car at the moment but are considering purchasing a supercar. If you have millions in the bank then this article is not for you. This is for the people that have enough money but it might affect other areas of their life. For you, I recommend hiring a supercar and not buying one outright. Let’s look at the figures.

Buying = £100,000, one time payment. Let’s say you will use the car for longer than “to work” journeys twice a month. And will keep the car for 5 years. That’s 2 x 12 x 5 = 120 long journeys. Which is fine.

Renting (one day) = £500, assuming those trips of 120 journeys are one day or less long them it would be cheaper (120 x £500) = £60,000 MINUS £100,000 = £40k. That’s 40 grand you have saved. If you take weekend breaks then its usually around £700-800 per hire, which means you will be saving around £20k over the 5 years.

But the kicker comes when you think about the money you have saved each month/year. Personally I can make 20% on my money per year. Probably more if I put some effort in. So assuming you can make a 20% profit per year, that means you are essentially wasting £120,000 over the 5 years through lost revenue!! That figure alone makes me think I would rather pay a premium to rent a supercar than buy one (And that is what I have done over the past few months)

Guide to Hiring a Supercar from the Best Companies

Line of SupercarsSimply search in Google maps and you can find the closest supercar rental agencies to you. I didn’t even know that I had about 10 within a couple of hours drive. [you can see from the map below] – These are professional agencies and not just someone looking to make a quick buck for the day. This is a multi million pound industry in the UK with close to 50 registered

I decided to go with the one named supercar hire UK and can say they provided an excellent service and I will be using them in the future too.

Once you have found an agency that is near you and you like the look of its time to get some quotes. I recommend choosing 3 companies that are close to you and getting a quote from each of them. If you are only renting for a day it might be more expensive in proportion than if you are looking to hire for weeks.

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How to Select a Supercar Rental Agency


Over the past 3 years I’ve been “in the supercar industry.” Working hard to promote the best rental agencies and avoid the rubbish places that don’t bring anything but outdated models and high prices to the market. Instead we look for agencies with beautiful cars at great prices.

McLaren P1

I’ve worked with luxury car hire agencies as well as scrap metal yards, so I have been seriously around the blog when it comes to the auto industry. Today I’m going to talk about what you need to look for if you are considering purchasing or renting a supercar (or even a car for that matter) and the 3 tips that you should always keep in mind.

1.) Who are you purchasing / Renting From?

This is an obvious one, but one that most people forget none the less. You need to know the type of people you are dealing with...

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The top 5 Supercars on the Market in 2017


Updated 10th Feb 2017: Supercars are known for their powerful internal build and their ability to impress any onlooker with their design. It is definitely every car enthusiasts ultimate goal to own and collect supercars. The driving experience these cars provide are superb and top class. 2016 has been another year of excellent releases from various supercar manufacturers. Here is a roundup of the top 5 supercars in the market this year.

McLaren P1

Though the list is not created in any specific order, it is just right that we open this roundup review with the McLaren P1. The McLaren has held its reputation tight of being one of the respected developers of supercars that do not disappoint your high expectations...

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A Quick Look At The New Supercars Of 2016


I read a really good article last week on the new supercars for 2016. Some of these cars seriously look like amazing machines so I had to get some of the photos and bring them to you guys! These are my favourites, but you can find the full article here.

Porsche 918 Spyder

I don’t know about you but I think this looks like an evil supercar. The dark colours and the shape of the face makes it look sneaky and sleek all at once. At an average of £250,000 RRP it looks like this one is going to be out of the budget for a little while! Top speed is said to be over 200 MPH and a 6.3L V8 engine which produces around 710 Horsepower! That is some serious power.

Porsche 918 Spyder

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

At £50,000+ this is a relatively cheap option, and what a beautiful car it is...

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Why Should You Buy a Ferrari Over other supercars?


Ferrari is probably the most famous car brand in the world. With 20+ models selling hundreds of thousands of models all over the globe. So we asked the team at http://www.ferrarihire.co.uk/ what makes a Ferrari so much more special than the competitors?

Why Ferrari?

Ferrari SpiderIt starts with the brand. If you had the choice, there is a reason why cars of a similar quality and build, without the prancing horse, make 100 times less than a similar Ferrari model. It’s an image more than anything but not one just for showing off, you know your going to get a good piece of kit and the support to add too.


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Keys to Supercar Creation – Air Compressors and Brakes


Air CompressorAn introduction to The Keys to Supercar Creation Series.

Over the course of the next weeks and months I’ll be writing on what makes a supercar different from the average “good” vehicle. Apart from the obvious exteriors, supercars have a lot of small details that really do make them different to your average well-built vehicles.

Air Compressors

Engine ImageAs seen (right) are small accessories attached near the engine of cars. Used to keep the engine cool and also allow the individual to be safe whilst driving.

With supercar engines being pushed to the absolute limit by the power and fuel injection associated with most supercars nowadays, the ACs need to be top quality...

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Why You Should Hire Aston Martins (Over Any Other Supercars)


There are a number of reasons why we believe Aston Martins are a step above other supercars and why you should hire them for events like your wedding or simply a track day. We might be bias (as we are from London, UK and hence BRITISH) but hiring an aston martin is the way to go! And here is why:

  1. They are more reliable than other supercars – Even including the new Audi R8 which is obviously up there as it is made by the Germans! But in recent tests the Aston still comes out on top.
  2. The steady speed – If you know anything about supercars you will know the “top speed” and the speed you can actually reach without losing control are 2 very different things...
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Out Top 5 Favourite Super-Car Photos


These are our top 5 favourite photos of supercars in action. Please note these are not actually our favourite supercars as I think that would take years to decide. But these should give you an idea of what this blog will be about.

Ferrari Lamborghini Supercar Beautiful Supercar SuperCar Image1 Supercar 2

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